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You might be surprised how much a clean, well-scrubbed appearance can improve your bottom line.
Araya Clean offers fantastic pressure washing services. Notice how much cleaner that grey cement area looks.
And when the pressure’s on, no one beats the performance of this pressure washer Elk Grove CA.

Araya Clean excels at flat and vertical exteriors. No matter what you need in pressure washing in Elk Grove CA, Araya Clean can do it. This pressure washer Elk Grove CA service performs pressure washing, power washing, graffiti removal, exterior paint preparation, striping removal, concrete cleaning, exterior building cleaning and water reclamation.

We’ll leave your facility with a bright, sparkling exterior that attracts business.

Customers like to patronize the kind of sparkling-clean buildings Araya Clean creates. And a clean and safe exterior says a lot about your company.

We work according to your schedule. We’re available 24/7 during hours that don’t impact your business or customer flow.

Our exclusive industrial-grade pressure washing systems combine heat, variable pressure, non-toxic cleansers and EPA compliant reclamation and recycling systems. Araya Clean is recognized as a Stormwater Compliant Pressure Washer and certified as a Sacramento Area Sustainable Business.

Our rates are reasonable, our service is outstanding. To contact Araya Clean, call 916-236-4095.

When the pressure’s on, no one beats this pressure washer Elk Grove CA.

Araya Clean Pressure Washer Service Covers
  • Building Exteriors
  • Patios/ Plazas
  • Waste Storage Areas
  • Parking Lots
  • Paint Restoration
  • Sidewalks
  • Graffiti
  • Parking Garages
  • Grocery Carts
  • Drive-thru Areas
Your Elk Grove and Sacramento Area Resource for Exterior Property Maintenance

Araya Clean Property Services is your solution for effectively cleaning and maintaining the value of your property.

Customers form perceptions based on appearances. A dirty entrance, walkway, service area or exterior sends a message of poor quality, indifferent service and potentially unsafe surroundings. Make a positive first impression with regular professional cleaning from Araya Clean Property Services. We combine power, heat and processes to deliver a superior level of clean to your property that will impress you and your customers.

Araya Clean is proud to provide pressure washing services that are compliant with the local, federal and EPA guidelines. Our combination of biodegradable cleaning agents and water reclamation process are efficient, effective and environmentally responsible.

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Make your business look nicer, and select the place that will help you avoid fines that could be as much as $50,000.