Araya Clean Helps Revitalize City

Commercial pressure washing Roseville CA could play an important role in the city’s revitalization.

When it comes to revitalization, commercial pressure washing Roseville CA can help make the old look new again.

Since 1988, Roseville CA has been actively redeveloping its downtown core. The city has spent tens of millions of dollars revitalizing its historic areas, and officials at Araya Clean have some valuable advice.

They list three important areas to focus on when commercial pressure washing Roseville CA.

Graffiti can make a bad first impression on visitors. Araya Clean’s commercial pressure washing Roseville CA can clean up graffiti, leaving a bright appearance.

Parking lots are another concern. Older areas tend to be rife with oil spills and grime that can turn people off, and send them away. Commercial pressure washing can help by steam cleaning and pressure washing away tough stains and grime. 

Buildings fronts are third in importance, say officials of this commercial pressure washing Roseville CA company. Visitors form impressions of an area before they even enter it. A dirty storefront is a sure way of sending visitors in the opposite direction.

Details on proper cleaning maintenance leading to restoration can be found at

Araya Clean officials say the technicians of their commercial pressure washing Roseville CA are highly trained, and use strictly eco-friendly procedures. That’s important, they stress, when fines can be as high as $50,000 a day for failure to follow environmentally sound practices in cleaning.

More information on Araya Clean and its commercial pressure washing Roseville CA procedures is available by calling 916-236-4095, or visiting

About Araya Clean: Araya Clean Property Services is a professional pressure washer that specializes in pressure washing, power washing, graffiti removal, exterior paint preparation, striping removal, concrete cleaning, exterior building cleaning and water reclaim/reclamation. The company is recognized as a Stormwater Compliant Pressure Washer and certified as a Sacramento Area Sustainable Business. They are registered to do business with the federal government and are a Certified Small Business with the state of California, Sacramento County and the city of Sacramento through the Department of General Services.