“Don't Forget the Parking Lots”

Retail property owners can benefit from spotless facilities say experts at this commercial pressure washer Elk Grove CA.

With all the competition shopping centers face today, cleanliness has never been more important.

And the needs for clean facilities should begin right at the parking lot say Araya Clean experts; it’s the first thing shoppers see, and form an initial impression – either good or bad.

Araya Clean, a commercial pressure washer service in Elk Grove CA, helps retail shopping areas attract customers by steam-cleaning and pressure washing away tough stains and grime that build up over time in parking areas and entryways.

They employ highly trained technicians to clean these areas, removing gum, grease, oil, and other substances that are sure to occur where people and automobiles congregate.

Technicians from this commercial pressure washer service Elk Grove CA then clean the entire facility, from sidewalks to benches and awnings – leaving the grounds sparkling clean.

Details are available at: http://www.pressurewasherelkgroveca.com.

And, achieving sparkling clean facilities isn't the only reason for retail shopping areas to make certain their commercial pressure washer service in Elk Grove CA does a professional job from start to finish. California places a high degree of importance on the environment and fines for non-compliance with the rules can total up to $50,000 a day if the pressure washer doesn’t follow proper procedures for recycling or disposing of run-off water.

Araya Clean uses a propriatary five-stage recycling process that reclaims and reuses all run-off water. Their entire process complies with the EPA Clean Water Act and all local regulations -protecting managers of large projects from possible penalties.

Araya Clean officials stress the importance of pre-cleaning outdoor areas by sweeping and using dry spot cleaning methods to clean before power washing.

A green commercial pressure washer service in Elk Grove CA also must agree to use only water, or only “eco-friendly” cleaners that are less toxic, and less harmful to the surrounding environment.