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Pressure Washer Elk Grove CA Announces Large Project Commercial Cleaning

Company officials say no job is too big for pressure washer Elk Grove CA.

But officials warn, when pressure washing a project as large as an apartment complex, office building or retail center, it’s important to be certain your pressure washer Elk Grove CA is professional start to finish.

In some cases, fines can total up to $50,000 a day for not following proper procedures for recycling or disposing of run-off water.

Araya Clean officials say their five-stage recycling process reclaims and reuses all run-off water, which complies with the EPA Clean Water Act and all local regulations -protecting managers of large projects from possible penalties.

Details are available at: http://www.pressurewasherelkgroveca.com.

Araya Clean officials say the pressure washer Elk Grove CA performs jobs both big and small. They pressure wash smaller projects, but they’re geared to clean properties such as hospitals, hotels, apartment complexes and retail shopping areas. And their highly-trained technicians perform their duties using an eco-friendly process.

Being a “green” pressure washer means acting in an eco-friendly manner from the very beginning, they say. Officials said a conscientious pressure washer should pre-clean outdoor areas by sweeping and using dry spot cleaning methods to clean before power washing.

A green pressure washer Elk Grove CA also must agree to use only water, or only “eco-friendly” cleaners that are less toxic, and less harmful to the surrounding environment.

It is also important for a company wanting to stay environmentally friendly to periodically assess the materials and processes it uses in pressure washing Elk Grove CA. Such an assessment ensures compliancy with local Stormwater Ordinances.

Officials say property managers should be given assurance that the pressure washer they contract with is following eco-friendly measures. Managers or property owners should receive some sort of certification that specifies the pressure washing company has properly managed wastewater during the process and has disposed of it once the job is done.

More information on Araya Clean and its eco-friendly pressure washing Elk Grove CA is available by calling 916-236-4095, or visiting www.pressurewasherelkgroveca.com.

About Araya Clean: Araya Clean Property Services is a professional pressure washer that specializes in pressure washing, power washing, graffiti removal, exterior paint preparation, striping removal, concrete cleaning, exterior building cleaning and water reclaim/reclamation. The company is recognized as a Stormwater Compliant Pressure Washer and certified as a Sacramento Area Sustainable Business. They are registered to do business with the federal government and are a Certified Small Business with the state of California, Sacramento County and the city of Sacramento through the Department of General Services.